Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sunday Lunch at The Hartnoll Hotel

Sunday was a rainy, muggy, down right damp sort of day.  After non-stop sunshine I’m sure the ground needed it, but I'm certainly not completely ready to say goodbye to summer and am still expecting a bit of an Indian summer to be honest.
On top of this we’ve had trouble with our washing machine and dishwasher (I’m seriously rethinking this whole being a property owner thing…hmmm).
However, the weekend took a significant turn for the better when after church Mark suggested heading out for Sunday Lunch.  At first we were going to look into a local garden centre and the pub next door to it, but when we accidently took a wrong turn I remembered The Hartnoll Hotel in Bolham and their delicious looking lunches.
Bolham is a cute little village at the bottom of the road from Knightshayes, it has sweet little cottages and a red telephone box which is now used for book swaps.  That road out of town leads you north through a green valley and through the countryside along a road that’s never too busy when we’ve been on it. 
I wasn’t all together hopeful as the Hartnoll has an atmosphere of somewhere you absolutely should be on a damp, rainy day as it’s so cosy, homely and welcoming.  I love the countryside on this part of town and although just off the road, the Hartnoll has large gardens where you can get afternoon tea.    

When we drove into the car park I was telling my optimistic husband to lower his expectations….this place was bound to be booked up.  As we went into the bar area we could see the large conservatory had a few people in it but besides another couple, who looked like residents, we were the only people in the bar.  When we asked they said they could seat us there and showed us to a freshly made table.

The linens were white and crisp, the chairs were plump, cushioned and covered in tartan and it was a lovely cosy atmosphere.  We were given the Sunday Lunch menu which was exactly what we wanted anyway and I picked winter vegetable soup with croutons, roast beef, roast beef and sticky toffee pudding with ice cream.  Mark picked a fancy prawn cocktail, roasted pork loin and rhubarb an apple crumble.  Apart from my Yorkshire pudding and our potatoes the vegetables and sauces were on the table to share, although apart from a couple of carrots I didn’t take anything. 
I would definitely go here again and even looked up the cost of having our Christmas dinner here but it is a whopping £90pp, although I'm sure the service and food is great, we can order all our food from M&S for that price so it fell at the first hurdle. 

We meant to have a productive day and go to the laundrette, get to the supermarket before it closed, and take Daisy out for a long walk.  However we were as lazy as could be and ended up having a nap which stretched into watching Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (revision for our trip to Leavesdon) before having tea and toast for dinner. 
Daisy got her walk, but because it was raining she huffed, puffed, sighed and tugged until we went her way.  This meant we only went on a short circuit and we were back home to watch Roald Dahls Marvellous Book, X Factor and Victoria after just 45 minutes.  This is a perfect recipe for a very lazy Sunday.