Friday, 30 December 2016

Disney for Life

You know how certain newspapers spit vile hatred towards a certain group of people they just decide ‘ruined the country’ every so often?  Well, whilst getting the bus the other day I happened to pick up a paper like this as we were caught in a traffic jam, and the target of all derision was the baby boomers. 

Now I certainly don’t hate this generation (please tell me nobody actually hates a whole generation of people) but just when i think I might be lusting after that giant pension or massive cheap houses they apparently have I need to give myself a shake, as I’ve figured out what’s even better than either of those things….

I was born in Disney’s Renaissance Era….yup, I win.

Apparently when I was 2 the folks at Disney hit on a run of films and turned out many a classic, and here was I thinking it was just rose tinted glasses on my part.  The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas…all films I grew up with and sang along to.  Apparently not every generation had a run of hits like that and were spoiled for Disney choice, I never stood a chance, was hooked.

When I was 7 my Mum and Grandma took my brother and I to Orlando and we loved it so much we went back again when I was 9.  We were hoping to go when I was 22, but much drama ensued and I never went along (hey, I did get engaged instead).  My friend Christine and I would often speak about going to Disney World when we both came back from Singapore and I’d run little tests via online travel agents to work out the costs.

When I was in Singapore and unable to get out and about due to tropical thunder storms the first thing I’d think to do would be to settle down to watch Disney movies.  Daisy dog, in her more sprightly days, got lifted like Simba, I often sing “little town, full of little people” or “just around the river bend” (depending the locations obvs), and spent my time snorkelling in Tioman humming “under the sea”.  The only time I’ve ever shied away from Disney is when we had a 3 day thunder storm in Singapore and I was stuck inside with 2 under 3’s, one of which was obsessed by Frozen, and right there I thought that taking them to a mall playpark wouldn’t be quite so bad (it would dear reader, it really would).

Ok, so that Frozen misadventure aside, we agree I'm Disney obsessed.  Therefor it was only for so long that my poor enduring husband could put up with requests for us to travel to Orlando and so I can announce that WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY! 

I love travel anyway, but I have never been so excited to go on holiday.  We’re a whole year away, but what with dining reservations needing to be booked 6 months in advance I'm taking that it’s perfectly acceptable to be this excited, this early.  Not even the exchange rate can put a damper on my plans.  Get ready to hear an awful lot about my holiday!