Sunday, 11 September 2016

Facts About Me

So I’ve realised even though I kept a blog before from the site traffic I see there's a few new people on here too so I thought I would do a ‘5 facts about me’ post so I could let you know a little bit more about me.

Favourite food?

My favourite food hands down is and always has been lasagne.  When I was little we used to pick our favourite meal for our Birthday Tea (seeing as Birthdays don’t always fall on party days) and I always said “lasagne, wedges and garlic bread”.  It’s what I still say…

Earliest memory?

Ok, Mark doesn’t believe me and I feel like I should google this to prove I'm right and I can remember this far back, but my earliest memories are from when I was 3 or possibly earlier.

I distinctly remember sitting on my Mums knee in the flat we used to live in, I know exactly where the tv, fireplace and table was.  I remember in great detail how the living room was decorated and I distinctly remember watching a cartoon about a helicopter (but I know it wasn’t budgie) when my brother and his friend came in and chatted at me.  My other memory is standing up in a cot and looking out into the hallway and being frustrated that my Mum wasn’t coming to get me.  I saw my Mum walk past in the hallway in her dressing gown aaaand that’s it. 

Mark is pretty sure I can’t remember this far back, but I know I do and those are such boring memories it’s not like I’d know them from someone else reminiscing.

Favourite holiday or trip?
I’ve been really lucky that my Mum loved to travel and obviously took me with her on lots of trips and holidays when I was little and I'm sure this must be where I got my love of travel from.  I’ve been to Borneo twice and would go back in a heartbeat, I also love Cyprus where I’d love to buy an apartment, I’ve been to Canada and Madeira before knowing Mark and want him to see how beautiful it is, but I think my favourite holiday was in Tioman, a small island off of Malaysia. 
our 'home' for the fortnight
I think its extra bittersweet because part of the amazing time we had was the people we met there and also how quiet and secluded it is.  We know that now they’ve built a great big hotel right next to our beautiful beach huts and also if we went back we wouldn’t have the same group.  So my favourite holiday ever is Tioman.
Proudest achievement?

I grew up in quite a strict house (as well as a Calvinist house) so we don’t really do achievements.  However, although I enjoyed doing my MA I did find it hard at times and was proud I did well in my degree.  I did this while going through a lot of family turmoil/fallout and even moved house and planned a wedding whilst writing my dissertation. 

I also know how tough times were in the past, so am really grateful for everything I have now and do recognise that the life I do have is so far from where I was heading when I was younger.  So I do have to say that exactly where I am now is a pretty big achievement i.e. education, happy marriage, good friends and support network, house, job and disposable income / ability to travel as it’s absolutely not where I could have ended up.

Where you most want to visit?

My wish list is exhaustive but includes, Peru (for Machu Picchu), Mexico (for scuba diving), Vermont, West Canada, cruise and train in Alaska/Canada, San Francisco, New England (as a leaf peeper), Moscow and St Petersburg, Bavaria, Switzerland, leisurely train ride through Italy (mostly to see Venice, Rome and Pisa but lots of stops in between), Iceland, Lapland, and possibly New Zealand….so just a small list then.
This is something Mark and I have actually been talking a lot about as it’s our 10 year wedding anniversary the year after next and we want to take a special holiday for it.  I still don’t know what on my list my favourite is but it looks like, as our anniversary is in late October, we’re leaning towards Australia (for spring weather), South America (as it’s the end of the rainy season) or somewhere to see the leaves in North America.