Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Reverse Bucket List

Sometimes I'm downright grumpy, I can be negative and super inflexible, and for most of these occasions Mark will call me out on it.  I'm glad he’s not just some boyfriend who has to put up with my Princess Moods, but my husband who wants the best for me, which includes making sure I don’t pout my way through life.
Ok, that’s the negative; some great things about me are that I'm helpful, courteous and patient.  I love pottering about the house and want to make nice meals for my family, I want Daisy to be given long walks and I want my house to be homely and welcoming.  This means that I get up relatively early each morning to get our dinner sorted for the evening and take Daisy out for a pleasant and peaceful long stroll.
 Recently, I’ve really started to notice the dark mornings and evenings which is seriously cutting into my ‘out and about’ time and its starting to get harder to drag myself out of bed.  The duvet and blankets are pleasantly heavy and the pillows are deliciously soft, so when Daisy is sitting on my chest staring into my sleepy eyes it’s pure love that gets me out of my cosy nest.  Its dark and I'm used to getting 20+ hours of sunlight over summer from my Aberdeen days, if I haven’t had that I'm not ready for 12 hours of darkness from autumn.  This, quite frankly, is a recipe for Princess Moods.  So in the spirit of growth and learning (and so my weary husband doesn’t need to give me a figurative shake) I’ve written up a reverse bucket list.  If I had a seen it, done it list this would be it.

Sheila’s list of great achievements to remember when feeling gloomy or negative a.k.a. The Reverse Bucket List:
  • Graduating from University (….twice)
  • Getting married to my very best friend
  • Buying a home I love and having a comfortable lifestyle
  • Travelling throughout Europe and Asia with my husband
  • Travelling throughout Europe and North America as a child/teenager
  • Living abroad
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling all over the world (and meeting a real life Nemo!)
  • Living next to the beach and listening to the waves every night
  • Living very rurally so I see more stars than I thought possible every night
  • Going on holiday with my very best (girly) friend
  • Being brave enough to make new friends when I knew absolutely no one (for a classic introvert this is massive!)
I'm sure there are many more reasons to be thankful and make me shake off 'the gloom', but I think what I've written down so far is already so much, and I just need to keep reminding myself of that.