Sunday, 28 August 2016

Anniversary Study

Mark and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 25th of October, which will be 8 years this year.  When Mark proposed we knew we didn’t want a long engagement and the church I wanted to get married at had only 2 dates available, so we took the first.  A year later we celebrated our wedding on a beautiful autumn day.
getting ready with my bridesmaids
Being the swot that I am I love autumn, cosy jumpers, boots, hot chocolate swirly leaves, perfect sunlight and the start of a new academic term.  We got married 4 weeks after I started my Librarianship training which was (in hindsight) totally crazy.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of things that I needed to do and plan, but on the day I was happy and I passed my course in the end….so all’s well that ends well!  I’d just very strongly recommend that people shouldn’t do this.
The first year after we were married we went to my bridesmaids’ baby’s Christening near Loch Eribol, in northern Scotland.  We were surrounded my stunning scenery and had a fantastic time up there so although the day wasn’t for us, we certainly made use of being away from home. (a very sold grade of B)
The next few years were less fancy and spent our anniversary apart as Mark always had a big conference to attend in Australia meaning I spent the day at home……..alone………..not even able to speak with Mark at a convenient time due to time differences.  (D-)

our barn

the pool
However, two years ago Mark excelled himself and researched and booked for us to stay at the gorgeous Aloun (which sounds like Doric for a boy!) Barn in the Malihom private resort in Penang, and we spent the 24th exploring George Town…promptly before both coming down with food poisoning from a café and spending the day laying on the cool floor trying not to be sick.  (C-)

a spot of afternoon tea in the drawing room

looking out at the dam

my pheasant love continues
Last year I took the reins (because buying and moving house for a fourth time in a year isn’t enough) and booked us into the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel in Wales.  We happily spent the weekend exploring the dam, hills and the cafes that surrounded it and I was pretty sure I held the title for best anniversary trip planner ever.  (a very solid A)
our view from the room
I wanna see the sheep!

Out adventuring

ahem....another spot of tea
Now we can all agree I’m doing pretty well here.  Technically it was my idea to go to Eribol and it certainly was my idea to go to Vyrnwy, so if I’m given the option, I blow anniversary trips out of the water.  I’m kind of a big deal.  (We’re conveniently ignoring the year we had to have a family meal and I drunkenly ‘hijacked’ a steam roller…..)  Anyway, I was pretty much undefeated until Mark announced that he’d booked tickets for the Harry Potter studios in north London.
hard evidence that the move to Singapore was causing stress
Harry.  Potter.  Studio.  Tour.  Let me just say I’m excited.  I'm as excited as a Hufflepuff can get.  I'm excited because I loved (and continue to love) the films.  I’d buy my books at midnight when they came out and spent too many hours in college on Pottermore instead of revising.  I now have a list of merchandise I need to buy and I know exactly when I’m going to have my butterbeer.  I can now say I’m happy to admit defeat and can pre-grade this anniversary as A+.