Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Feeling Thankful

A couple of years ago when we lived in Singapore we were invited to a thanksgiving party by some Americans and also hosted a thanksgiving dinner at home.  When I was little we used to visit my Granda’s old army friend in Canada and often went at Thanksgiving time for them and joined in on their celebrations. 
Although this isn’t somethings we’ll do again, it was really fun and sweet (from an outsiders perspective) to gather round when the season changes and give thanks for everything we have. 
So in honour of Canadian thanksgiving:
I'm thankful that we have a cosy house of our own.  When we started saving up to buy whilst living in Aberdeen I never thought we’d first become homeowners in the middle of Devon.
I'm thankful that we have the ability to travel around our beautiful new county and visit rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, hills, moors, rivers and valleys.  Where we live is gorgeous, the route we take to travel to work each day is breathtakingly beautiful and I shouldn’t be so blasé about it.
I'm thankful we have the ability to stop in by cosy county pubs or grand hotels to eat.  We’re able to go to places people only visit on holiday, and I call this place my home.
I'm thankful we get amazing summer weather which means I can use an outdoor swimming pool without getting frostbite, and although I do miss having a white Christmas, I'm grateful that our heating bills are much lower now due to a milder climate.
Most importantly, and after everything Mark has been through, I'm thankful for our good health.